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Sunday , October 12 , 2003
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10/12/03                                           In Hell

Hopefully everyone knows how to make Limoneza by now. ^_^

B.S. is going to go through alot of changes from now on.  What with the return of Self-Insert, I don't know if I'll have the time to continue this storyline. 

Not like any new ideas are coming to me at the moment, but ideas just come up by random, so we'll see how that works out.

Funny thing about the above comic. I drew that round summer, just before Rob announced that he wanted to do S.I. again. 

And since I was neglecting on B.S. I thought I'd do a little storyline of the cast for both comics searching for new jobs and such.

It's Rob's fault. ^_^;;

Hmm.. but I guess I COULD continue this.  I mean, these are version one Self Insert characters, not the "refurbished" cast of Remix. ((Do not question Sin's gravity defying hair!))

Again... we'll see what happens. ^_^;;

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